About Us

The Authentic Taekwon-Do Academies (ATA-GB) aim to provide people of all ages and ability levels with a fundamental understanding of Taekwon-Do and, as an extension to this, Hapki-Do.

taekwondoTaekwon-Do is a practical style of martial arts originating in Korea; an originally military art intended to provide strength, discipline and fitness, both mentally and physically. We teach real world self defence and the fundamental principles of Taekwon-Do, in accordance with the Chang-Hon (ITF) style founded by General Choi Hong Hi.

hapkidoOur academies also integrate the Korean art of Hapki-Do in to the syllabus; a martial art dedicated to close combat, throwing and grappling. This complimentary addition further enhances the self defence that is at the core of traditional Taekwon-Do.

Our academies are a non-profit organisation offering competitive rates on the costs associated with membership, training and equipment. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, yet affordable training to any student with the drive to learn.

As an organisation, we endeavour to rise above politics and unite Taekwon-Do practitioners of all creeds under one banner.

You can read about joining uscontact us now for further details or, if you are a Taekwon-Do club looking to join our group, become an affiliate.