The below individuals represent the masters and officials of the ATA-GB. By clicking their name, you can read more about each master and their personal biography.

Grandmaster Ron Davidson 9th Dan
Honorary President of ATA-GB

Senior Master Keith Finch 8th Dan
Acting President of ATA-GB

Chief Master Lloyd Johnson 7th Dan
Licensing Officer of ATA-GB

Master Jon Gladwin 6th Dan
– Vice President of ATA-GB

Master Christian Grey 6th Dan
Club Officer of ATA-GB

Master Jose Carmo 6th Dan

Master Luke Adams 5th Dan
Sports Therapist of ATA-GB

Mr Nathan Noakes 3rd Dan
Tournaments and Competitions Officer of ATA-GB
General Secretary and Promotions Officer of ATA-GB

Mrs Jill Wanklyn 3rd Dan
Child Welfare Officer of ATA-GB

Miss Julie Finch 1st Dan
Treasurer of ATA-GB

Mr Peter Nichols 1st Dan
Website Administrator

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